Search engine optimization

We search engine optimize your site for google and bing so that you can rank high in the search results. We research and analyze your website and help you get more organic traffic through search engines.

Search engine optimize man (seoperman)

We will

✔ Audit your webpages and assess where there are gaps in their search engine optimization (SEO).

✔ Apply heading structures.

✔ Apply page layout techniques.

✔ Apply alt text to images.

✔ Include researched keywords in the content.

This is for websites written in English and Swedish only.

Frequently asked questions

It will take time before you start seeing the results of search engine optimization on your website. Most SEO firms and experts estimate between two weeks to six months. This is a marathon, not a sprint, but certainly worth the investment.

The goal is to help your website, website content (both written and visual), rank higher in search engine results depending on the keywords or phrases you wish for your product to surface in search engines.

We recommend that you implement Google Analytics and Google Search Console on your site before making SEO improvements to your site. When done, you will be able to track traffic increases, searches and placements on your site and more. Some CMS (eg WordPress, Hubspot, Shopify) also have built-in statistics.

You are always competing with other brands vying for the best page ranking possible in search results. If you also add new content frequently to your website, it’s easy for best SEO practice to “fall through the cracks.” One can consider SEO an ongoing investment in your website performance.

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