Fasadmålarna logotype

About Fasadmålarna

Fasadmålarna is a Swedish company that offers facade painting and window renovation. The company was founded in 2020.

  • Befor

    Fasadmålarna did not have a website where customers could see the services and how it all works. No logo the company was run through by another website that was there for real estate service.

  • What did we do

    We started by designing a nice logo that the company could communicate through. We designed a new website in WordPress with "Elementor pro" for customers to see the services and be able to send quote requests. After the website was ready and tested, we did a campaign with google ads and facebook as channels. We developed local keywords near buying decisions for Google ads. We used Facebook ads to retarget the visitors and drive them to convert.

  • After

    It is difficult to compare with nothing but now Fasadmålarna has a good website which is the basis for the brand to be able to communicate with their customers. We are already seeing good results from the campaign.