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V-S Led-tukku Oy

Led-tukku Oy is a reliable LED product importing company, established in 2010 by Jarkko, a dedicated product development engineer from Turku. The company operates as a wholesaler for businesses and operates throughout Finland. Initially, the focus was on offering advanced LED technology as an alternative to high-consumption fluorescent lamps. Due to supplier problems, Jarkko decided to start his own importing business.

Our company specializes in LED lighting and has expanded its product range over the years to include various products such as LED strips, ceiling lights, and transformers. As LED lighting professionals, we understand that lighting is a crucial part of different environments, from kitchen plans to large halls and theater scenes. We strive to offer customized lighting solutions that fit our customers’ unique needs.


V-S Led-tukku Oy faced a challenge with their old and outdated website. The existing platform no longer reflected the company’s current brand and did not offer an optimal user experience. The client needed a comprehensive modernization to better communicate its brand and services online.


Varsinais-Suomen Led-tukku Oy aimed to understand its customer’s specific needs and preferences. After thorough analysis, we developed a tailored plan to transform the existing website into a modern and functional platform. Here are some of the steps we took:

1. Design Overhaul: we created a new modern design that not only looked visually appealing but was also easy to navigate for users. The new design focused on clearly communicating V-S Led-tukku Oy Name brand and offerings.

2. Responsive Interface: To meet today’s demands on mobility and accessibility, we made the website responsive, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of the device being used.

3. Updated Content: We revised and updated the existing content to ensure that it was relevant and engaging. This included reviewing product pages and integrating new information on V-S Led-tukku Oy latest offerings and services.

4. Improved Navigation: We optimized the website’s structure and navigation to make it easier for visitors to find relevant information. This included clear calls-to-action and an intuitive menu structure.


After launching their new website, V-S Led-tukku Oy noticed immediate positive results. The company saw an increase in website visits, longer session times, and improved conversion rates. The modern and professional appearance of the website also increased the trust of existing and potential customers.

By collaborating, V-S Led-tukku Oy was able to not only renew their online brand but also create a digital platform that supports their growth and business strategy. We are proud to have been a part of this success story and look forward to continuing to support V-S Led-tukku Oy on their digital journey.


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