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LPV Property Services was launched in 2020 with a focus on property services such as facade painting and gardening for individuals, businesses, and housing associations. We then recognized the need for a reliable and cost-effective alternative for stump grinding and tree removal on residential properties, and thus Stubbfräsarna was created. We still offer those types of services but have shifted our focus more towards stump grinding and tree removals in recent times.


Stubbfräsarna faced a significant challenge when they came to us. The company had no online presence through a dedicated website, which limited their ability to effectively communicate their services and corporate identity to potential customers. In addition, the company was run through another website focused on property services, making it difficult for the stump grinders to clearly highlight and market their specialized services in tree felling and stump grinding.


To overcome these challenges, we started the project by creating a strong corporate identity through the design of a unique and professional logo. We then proceeded to develop a customized website in WordPress using Elementor Pro. The goal was to create a user-friendly platform where Stubbfräsarna could present their services in a clear manner and allow customers to request quotes easily online.


After the successful implementation of the new logo and website, Stubbfräsarna saw immediate results. The company gained a visible and professional online presence that matched their expertise in tree felling and stump grinding. The customer response was positive, and the company noticed an increase in inquiries and interest from potential customers.

The new website served as a powerful tool to inform customers about services and provide an easy mechanism for requesting a quote. Additionally, the modern and appealing design made it easier for Stubbfräsarna to differentiate themselves from competitors and strengthen their brand.

By overcoming challenges and delivering visible results, we were able to contribute to Stubbfräsarna’s growth and strengthen their presence in the tree felling industry. We continue to support them to ensure a long-term and successful online presence.


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