Search engine optimization

Search optimization of your website to end up in the search results of Google and Bing. Analysis of your website from both a technical and user-friendly perspective. Implementation of improvement proposals.

The approach

At our agency, we share the belief that websites should be functional, beautiful, and easy to use. We also believe that search engines should recognize your site as such. Our marketing strategy is centered on getting your website found via search results since online traffic is a critical component of any business growth plan. In other words, our approach to Search engine optimization (SEO) is about knowing what you want and making it happen for you.

The process

Audit your web pages and assess where there are gaps in search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Apply header structures
  • Technical analysis,
  • optimization for speed and security
  • Apply page layout techniques
  • Apply alt text to images
  • Include researched keywords in the content


The service only applies to web pages written in Swedish and English

Our skills

So you do not know the power of the dark side? I thought not. Well let us tell you a story about darth articles that make you wise. These are not articles that the rest would tell. Its a Ranknest legend.

Our clients

Some of our clients that we have worked with.

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Anette Ekenberg


Anette Ekenberg

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John Doe


Anette Ekenberg

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John Doe


Frequently asked questions

It will take time before you start seeing the results of search engine optimization on your website. Most SEO companies and experts estimate between two weeks to six months. This is a marathon, not a sprint, but certainly worth the investment.

The goal is to help your website, website content (both written and visual), to rank higher in search engine results based on the keywords or phrases you want your product to appear in search engines.

We recommend that you implement Google Analytics and Google Search Console on your website before making SEO improvements to your website. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to track increases in traffic, searches and placements to your website and more. Some CMS (eg WordPress, Hubspot, Shopify) also have built-in statistics.

You are always competing with other brands fighting for the best possible page rank in the search results. If you’re also frequently adding new content to your site, it’s easy for SEO best practices to “fall through the cracks.” One can consider SEO as an ongoing investment in your website performance.