About Naturlig hud

Naturlig hud is a newly started Swedish e-commerce that offers organic and natural skin care products. The company was founded in 2020.

Naturlighud loga on light bg


Naturlig hud’s website worked but was in poor condition and did not provide a good experience. It was difficult to update with new content and cost for each update that needed to be done as the owner could not edit the website himself.


We design a new logo for the brand to communicate through. We redesigned their old website in WordPress with “Elementor pro” fresh new design that is user-friendly and easy to buy skin care products through. We developed emblems that can be shown that the products are environmentally friendly organic and not tested on animals. Also produced ad material for a campaign and put up some ads on Google ads.

Naturlighud webbplats
Naturlighud.se logotyp


Undoubtedly, there was a big difference both in experience and in the number of orders.

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