Logo design

What is a logo and why is it important? How to go about developing the perfect logo and what to watch out for.

In short, the logo should give a sense of your brand and communicate and Reach your target audience repeatedly, and should be present through all the brand’s channels and services/products.


logotyp design illustration


What is a logotype

According to Wikipedia “A logo abbreviation of logotype, is a graphic brand, emblem or symbol commonly used by commercial companies, organizations and even individuals as marketing by facilitating immediate visual recognition. Logos are either completely graphic (symbols or icons ), a composition of a name, or a combination of symbol and name. Today, the word logo is often used as a synonym for the word trademark. “

The word logo itself originally comes from the Greek and can be divided into “Logos” which means words and “typos” which means imprint.

In Egypt, there is evidence that oxen belonging to a temple with the symbol of the god were burned 4,000 years ago.


Why a logotype is important

If you look at a logo, it is not the artistic that is important, but the important thing is the message that you want to tell with the logo. The logo is, in short, an image of the company, an image that the company stands for and that makes people in general easily recognize the company by seeing the logo. In other words, the logo should tell the viewer what it is for the company and what it is the company is working with. The recognition factor on a logo is very important for the company itself and for its customers.

The whole point of a logo is that everything that comes from the company exudes the same image and soul. The company name will be easy to recognize and easy to remember. Remember that advertising is about repetition, so do not miss the chance to be seen. Because if you are not visible, you do not exist…

Viktigt med igenkänning


How does a good logotype look like

A good logo is simple so simple that everyone can easily perceive and recognize it. It is unique and well thought out gives a feeling and it says something about the company’s business.

It usually has 2-3 colors but should also work to be printed in black and white. It must be responsive and be able to be presented in both small and large formats without losing quality, on everything from business cards to large outdoor signs.


Skillnaden mellan en bra och en dålig logotyp

A bad logo is messy hard to remember. Uses too many shapes, too many different colors and is difficult to remember because it is too complicated.

A logo can still be simple and clear but not unique enough and becomes one in the crowd and there with hard to remember.


Bra exempel

  • Simple
  • Gives a feeling
  • Unique
  • Responsive


Bad examples

  • Too many different shapes
  • More than 3 colors
  • Gives no feeling for the brand
  • One in the crowd
  • More than two fonts
geometry guy

It’s all about a balance between simplicity, feeling, and uniqueness. Use the right color for your brand in an article we have written you can see which logo color is best for your brand.


Tips for designing a logo

How should you think when building a logo? The first thing to think about is that it should be easy to recognize and it is also important that it will in one way or another stand out from the crowd, but at the same time it should be still, timeless.

Some tips

  • Simple shapes
  • 2 to 3 colors
  • Hierarchy in the logo
  • Symmetry
  • Responsive
  • Gives a sense of the brand
  • Unique
Take inspiration from others how they have built their logo and build your own in your own way we have also written an article about logo trends that show different logo styles that are trendy 2021. 5 Logotyptrender 2021


What is a graphic profile

After you have designed a logo, you also create a graphic profile that describes how to use the logo, which colors and fonts you can use. How the brand should be experienced visually.

So that you can easily have a whole through the brand’s visual identity and so that they are easy for others in the company to apply in the various channels, documents, communications, etc. More about why you should have a graphic profile. More about why should you have a graphic profile.

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