Why should you have a graphic profile

Visual identity checklist

A graphic profile is a great basis for saving time and strengthening your brand with important guidelines that you want others in the company to follow. A graphic profile helps the company and employees to more easily communicate with each other and create new content. Everything you do then becomes clearer and easier to understand.



It will be easier for everyone in the company to create more coherent content that has a common thread and that looks good and is experienced correctly by the recipient. They become safer for employees to produce content. Your employees produce more content because they are confident in how the brand wants to be experienced visually and can there with confidence produce more and faster. Content creators dare to be more creative. This Creates consistent communication.



Your brand becomes clearer and more coherent and can be more easily understood by the recipient. Clear guidelines visually make your brand stronger and better experienced. Everything your employees do becomes more coherent when everyone in the company agrees on how the brand should be experienced visually. The brand is experienced more professionally.



You do not have to answer unnecessary questions, where employees can quickly and easily find the answer themselves through the clear instructions that are available. Then the employee can check the information himself instead of it being in someone’s head. It saves time for employees to know how the brand should be experienced visually and feel safer to publish content. Employees do not have to spend a lot of time correcting things that have gone wrong when they have not had clear guidelines. Employees can focus on producing content in a fast and efficient way instead.

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Do you lack a graphic profile?

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