What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a concept in marketing that includes methods where the marketing evokes physical and mental reactions to influence the target group’s opinion or action.

Having the best technology or the best solution does not guarantee that customers will buy from you. But new research suggests speaking to the true decision maker of the old brain will increase your efficiency in selling your product or service.

You probably recognize the distinction between the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, the left side is the center of linear thinking such as language, logic and mathematics. The right hemisphere is the center of conceptual thinking such as art, music, creativity and inspiration. The brain can also be separated into three parts the new brain, the middle brain and the old brain. Acting as separate organs with different cell structure and different functions all these three communicate with each other and affect each other. The new brain thinks and processes rational data. The middle brain feels and processes emotions. The old brain decides but it takes into account the other two brains but the old brain is the actual trigger for a decision. The old brain is a primitive organ and a direct result of basic evolution. Our escape or struggle brain, survival brain and is also called reptile brain. Some call the old brain the first brain when it first came into being before we grew a midbrain and a new brain.

New, middle and old brain

Further recent studies show that the new brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. The old brain is well named as it goes back 450 million years back in time. According to neuroscientist Robert Ornstein in “Evolution of Consciousness”, our old brain is only concerned with our survival and has been for millions of years. Survival relationships play a major role in decision making.

How do you address a brain that is 450 million years old salespeople, politicians, teachers and parents can attest to how difficult it is to persuade people by simply using words. Words have only existed for 40,000 years before that, human communication was limited to signs or guests. It is even more difficult to communicate with written language because it has only existed for 10,000 years old. There has not been enough time for written words to make an impact on the old brain. To motivate and inspire the old brain, you must learn to address a whole new language. Researchers have shown that people are triggered by an emotional meaning and motivate them rationally. In addition, we now know that the final decision is made by the old brain, a brain that does not even understand words.

How do you affect the old brain systematically. There are 6 stimuli that influence the decision.

1. Self-centered everything that affects itself.

2. Contrast with or without

3. Tangible imput, simple communication

4. The beginning and end The brain is constantly looking for shortcuts and listens most to the message at the beginning to the end and perceives a little less in the middle.

5. Visual stimulus, the optic nerve is physically connected to the old brain and is 40 times faster than the auditory nerve.

6. Emotion, emotions create electrochemical reactions where the reaction affects our decision emotions such as sadness, happiness anger surprise.

Reach out with the problems/frustrations with a solution/result for the customer that they did not even know or think about. Focus on the problem and the solution not the product features. Use solid evidence of all your solutions, which you preferably present visually or in a customer case.

Simplified, you should keep track of these four to more easily reach the old brain pain claim gain delivery. By using these mindsets, you can get more sales and more effectively market your service or product by reaching the part of the brain that makes the final decision.

pain claim gain delivery

Hope you got a better idea about neuromarketing and its properties have linked sources below to where I have taken information from if you want to immerse yourself even more.






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