6 Simple things that will help you get better SEO on your articles

1. Speed

This is very important for both google and ur users no one wants to wait for a slow website to load for a long time. And this is a very easy fix you have to have a good server to start with and then you compress all your pictures and minimize code. Install a cache plugin that cache content so the website host doesn’t have to resend information repeatedly.  


2. Good Relevant long content

“Content is king” is what they say! Google loves relevant long content and so dose people. try to reach 600 words per page or post with relevant content. 


3. No broken links

It looks bad and google hates when links are broken and this is very easy to fix you can check all your broken links through WordPress plugin Rank Math or though Screaming Frog SEO Spider look for the code 404 on links. When you have located a broken link you just redirect it temporary or permanent to a different link that is not broken.


4. Link building

Link to others and ask them to link back to you to gain visitors from them and get better link score by google. Guest blog on other blogs and make them link to you and you link to them. Register your website on directorys. 


5. Secure website

Having a not secure website 2021 is very bad chrome is warning for every site that not uses https:// and this can effect your SEO score dramatically.


6. Annual content audit

Update your content annually to stay relevant in your blog posts or content. You can re-use a post for 5 years the only thing you have to do is change date and change the content a little bit so its relevant today.


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