5 Useful Google commands

There are a lot of good commands you can use when you google. We have selected 10 commands that we believe you will find useful and use regularly when you search engine optimize your site.


1. “site:ranknest.com”

Displays all pages that are indexed domain name.

2. “site:ranknest.com seo”

To see which pages on a domain are about a particular topic, in this case “seo”.

3. “site:ranknest.com inurl:seo”

Used, for example, when you only want to see the pages on a domain that have “seo” in their URL.

4. “site:ranknest.com intitle:seo”

Used in a similar way as above. Fixed pages on a domain that has “seo” in its title.

5. “Text paragraph

Quotes around a googling allow you to see pages that have the content to be able to find duplicate content for example.

Källa: https://ahrefs.com/blog/google-advanced-search-operators/

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