5 Logotype trends 2021

Examples of logo colors for different industries

Innovation is at its peak now and the design industry is showing no signs of slowing down. Every year, there is something new to explore in this thriving industry. Logo design is one of such many areas of design that evolves every year to meet the needs of the business world. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Logo Design Trends For 2021. A logo is a crucial part of a brand’s image. It is one asset that is solely responsible for communicating the values, personality, and quality standards of businesses. It is the most visible symbol of a brand and gets printed on every product and service of a company.


In the last few years, gradients have become very modern and among the top in logo design trends, and the trend continues to rule in 2020. Gradients give logos more of a 3D effect, making the designs pop off the screen. Gradient logos are easy to remember and catchier as compared to colored logos. Designers are so much influenced by this trend that in the coming time, you can expect them to explore the full potential of gradients.

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Thin line Logos

In spite of being a little over-saturated, the trend of minimalism is not going anywhere. In fact, in 2020, it will continue to evolve and show up in various ways. We usually tend to relate minimalism with minimalistic compositions and monochrome colors, but through the use of linear shapes and elements, we are expecting to see it manifest shortly.

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In logo design, colors play a crucial role. It has a great effect on the psychology of the audience. Even science says that colors evoke emotions that can lead to positive, negative, or unmatched feelings. When it comes to logo design trends, in 2021, bright colors are going to take the center stage. Designers can use bright colors for any type of business. The best thing about bright colors is that it enhances the emotions a logo conveys.



Responsive logos

Responsive design is something that can never go out of trend. Earlier we saw this trend for websites, but now it is gaining popularity in the logo scene as well. Responsive logos are those that shape-shift, change in dimensions, sizes, complexity, or even shades or colors to fit in wherever they are required to. These logos are bold and powerful and exhibit business expertise and innovation as leaders in their fields.



Monogram logos have been popular for so long now and such types of logos have already made their way in 2019, and the double initial trend continues to rule in 2020 as well. Double Initial logos can be an interesting way to symbolize a brand as there are plenty of variations in design and to make it a little artistic, designers can mix and match letters. Although such types of logos can be used by any industry, it can be the perfect choice for industries like restaurants, coffee shops, salons, and clothing brands.





In conclusion

Logo design trends can provide a great way to breathe fresh life into your brand. However, before implementing anything, it’s vital to exercise caution. You surely don’t want to update anything big in your brand just for the sake of a trend. If you plan to implement any logo design trend, make sure that it represents your brand thoughtfully. We hope you have enjoyed this article about the Top 5 Logo Design Trends For 2021.

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