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5 Advantages with 3D design

3D design
3D design

There are several benefits of 3D design we have selected 5 benefits that we consider important and useful. We will address how 3D design can help with sustainability. How to more easily visualize and experience things directly in a digital society we oppose.

1. Experience right away

3D models can provide experiences of the shape and volume of an object, without subjecting the original to physical handling. Then you can more easily communicate in the digital society we are moving towards, for example instead of making a prototype and then send it to the factory, you can then email a 3d prototype and discuss directly digitally with the manufacturer.

2. Easier to change and change environments

Once an object is 3D digitized, it can be easily scaled up or down and changed. You can easily change different environments and lighting.

3. Detect problems in the early stages

You can see how different materials will behave and visualize how objects will look in different lighting and how different shadows will look like. In this way, be able to detect errors in earlier stages and easily correct them.

4. Sustainable

Opportunity to be able to campaign with a product in 3D without having the product itself. In order to be able to see the reaction and then order based on the demand on the campaign. Visualize objects so that you know a little more what you get before you place a large order. Customers can more easily visualize the product before they shop.

5. Time saving

Shapes that are complex to make by hand can be more easily made easier in the computer. Time saving compared to traditional methods. Opportunity to make a 3D model and 3D print on the same day. With time savings, you can spend more time on the design itself.

There are many advantages to 3D design and these are just a few. We look forward to the 3D design development that is constantly changing and evolving with each passing year. We hope there is something in this article that you can take with you and make use of. If you thought this article was valuable, you can subscribe to the knowledge hub for more knowledge about 3D design, among other things.

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