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Gemme Collective is not just fashion, it is passion and circular innovation. Founded by Sanja and Clara, with over 30 years of fashion experience, Gemme Collective is their way of contributing to a more sustainable fashion world. Their goal is clear: to promote circularity by reusing and regenerating materials. With upcycled collections, luxury for sale and rental, tailored services, and local production in Stockholm, Gemme Collective strives to offer sustainable fashion alternatives. The vision? A 100% circular wardrobe. Through local manufacturing, resource conservation, and minimized waste, Gemme Collective sets a new standard for sustainable fashion. Sanja and Clara are not just running a brand; they are leading a movement towards more responsible and circular fashion. With a focus on innovation and environmental conscious, Gemme Collective is a pioneer in sustainable fashion development.


With a strong graphic profile and a clear vision for sustainability and exclusivity, the goal was to create a completely new website from scratch. The challenge was to translate their unique brand and vision into a digital platform that would not only be a webshop, but an experience that would enhance Gemme Collective’s position in sustainable fashion.


We entered the project with a full understanding of Gemme Collective’s graphic profile and vision. Through close communication and collaboration, we understood their unique needs and desires. We started the design process by creating a user-friendly structure and navigation that would make it easy for visitors to explore and shop on the platform. Then, we moved on to creating a visually appealing and unique design that would reflect the company’s core values.

After defining the structure and design, we moved on to implementing e-commerce functionality to create a seamless shopping experience. We customized every element of the website to match Gemme Collective’s aesthetics and also integrated features to highlight their sustainability efforts and unique collections. Every design choice was made with the purpose of enhancing their brand and making the website memorable.


Gemme Collective is now the proud owner of a custom-designed website that perfectly aligns with their visual identity and vision. Visitors are greeted with a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that not only makes it easy to browse and shop but also highlights Gemme Collective as a unique force in sustainable fashion. By building this website from scratch, we have created a digital home that reflects the company’s unique character and positions them for online success. Gemme Collective is now ready to shine on the digital stage and continue their mission to bring sustainability and luxury to the global fashion market.


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