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Fasadmålarna, based in Sörmland, was founded in 2020 with a passion for providing top-notch service in exterior painting to individuals, businesses, and housing associations. Along the way, the company has expanded its services to include window renovations and other projects for housing associations.

By striving to become one of the leading property service providers in Sörmland County and beyond, Fasadmålarna has established itself as a reliable and experienced player in the industry. The company emphasizes the importance of understanding each project as unique and adapting to meet the specific needs of its customers.

High customer service is at the center of Fasadmålarna’s business philosophy, and they take great responsibility to ensure that each customer receives the attention and expertise they deserve. By offering competitive prices, they aim to enable quality services without compromising their customers’ budgets.


Fasadmålarna is a Swedish company specialized in facade painting and window renovation that faced the challenge of not having an online presence through a dedicated website. In addition, the company did not have a clear logo and relied on another website focused on property services. This limited their ability to effectively market their services and create a strong brand identity.


To meet these challenges, we initiated the project by designing a professional logo which would be at the core of Fasadmålarna’s brand communication. Following that, we built a brand new website using WordPress with the help of Elementor Pro. The website made it easy for clients to see and understand the company’s services and submit quote requests.

To increase visibility and drive traffic to the new website, we executed a targeted campaign through Google Ads and Facebook Ads. By using local search terms in Google Ads and retargeting strategies on Facebook, the campaign aimed to maximize exposure to potential customers.


After the launch of the new website and successful campaign, Fasadmålarna saw significant results. The professional logo and user-friendly website created a strong online presence, and the results of the campaigns were impressive:

  • Increase in visitors: indicated increased visibility online and interest from potential customers.
  • Revenue increased: by an impressive 2x, indicating that their digital presence and marketing strategies were effective.
  • Website traffic increased: by 2400%, indicating strong success and engagement from the target audience.


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