Branding & Logo design

Logo design that gives a sense of your your brand. Communicate and reach your target audience through graphic design. A visual identity is just as important to have as a website or logo. What message do you want to send? We design illustrations, packaging, flyers and social media for your brand to interact with each other.

The approach

Whether you are a startup or an established, multi-million dollar business, we understand the challenges faced in marketing and communication. Many graphic designers will say things like “we can do anything” or “we can make you look like you’re from a different universe” but we feel that it’s more important to focus on what we do best and love. Basically, we don’t care about the technology behind it or whether something is “cool” (unless it can be useful for our clients). Our goal is to create the best design solutions for your needs.

The process

You send me your logo. I analyze all accompanying files and, if necessary, we discuss further details.

if you don’t have vector files on your logo or don’t have an existing logo, we have a logo design service and we’re happy to help.

After file evaluation, we will start working on your custom design.



When it comes to the logo. If it is in the design that your outward appearance is correct, then it is important that we convey your identity clearly and simply. Our logos go through a long process to ensure success.

1Rityta 5


Typography is quite a complex process where a lot is about balance. In order for the message to come across effectively, an easy-to-read font is required, but we also want it to be visually satisfying.


Color Profile

We select a color scheme that you follow throughout your company, which in turn gives the end customer the feeling you want to convey. We document color codes for print and also digitally.


Brand Guide

It is in the Brand Guide that we summarize your entire identity and it is designed to be used as a leading guide for how you should express yourself digitally and analogically.

Make your business stand out

Logo design

Logo design that gives a sense of your your brand. Communicate and reach your target audience through graphic design. We have over 10 years of experience in graphic design. We look at trends and those of other companies and create a unique appealing logo through our inspiration and your ideas.

Brand illustrations

We design illustrations for your brand to communicate through. Custom illustrations for your website and social media.

Social media design

Custom banners, logos and other designs for your social media channels.

Packaging design

Do you want custom designed product label designs for your products to make them attractive and beautiful.

Advertisement sheet

Make your brand complete and have custom flyers for your brand that match your brand style.

Our clients

We have created and delivered multiple logotypes to a plethora of happy clients.

V S Led tukku Oy Logo
cervn coffe
Fasadmålarna logotype
lpv-fastighetsservice ab logo
Naturlighud loga on light bg

Customer testimonials

The job went very quickly and to a great result. I am very satisfied just as usual when Linus does a job.

Pontus Lundqvist


Very fast and nice response from Ranknest. It was easy to work with them. They have a sense of design, color and shape and a technical know-how. I am more than happy with this work and really recommend others to get help from them. I will enlist the help of them to build my next website. Thanks!

Anette Ekenberg


Frequently asked questions

Company name, tagline/slogan (if any), color (if any), brief details about your company, any guideline if you want to share.

Quote request

We’re working as fast as we can and we’ll contact you as soon as we have time. For the quickest response, please call us or send a message in the chat. 0706267032.

Offert förfrågan

Vi jobbar så fort vi kan och vi kommer att kontakta dig så fort vi har tid. För snabbast svar ring oss eller skriv i chatten. 0706267032