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Belano Maskin AB is a Swedish company that was founded in 1957 with the aim of offering high-quality machines. And continue to build on that orientation today and can today offer the industry’s widest range of sheet metal sheeting machines.

“We don’t want to come across as out of date and feel like the logo is a big part of how we’re seen.”


Belano Maskin AB, a company with origins since 1957, considers their current logo to be outdated and in need of adaptation to better reflect their vision and goals. In today’s society, where brand recall is crucial and attention costs are high, Belano Maskin AB realized that a modernized logo was necessary to continue to be competitive and attract new customers.


We start by carefully analyzing Belano Maskin AB’s current logo and the company’s needs. They identify several areas where the logo can be improved, including the length of the company name, its generic appearance, and the lack of memorable elements. We simplify the logo by removing “Maskin AB” and explore different options to create a memorable and modern symbol that can enhance the brand’s recognition.

We create several sketches both on paper and digitally to experiment with different design alternatives. After a deep analysis and evaluation of various sketches, they finally present digital versions of the logo that combine a timeless, simple, and modern symbol with the abbreviated company name.


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