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In a world where the balance between modern convenience and environmental sustainability is becoming increasingly important, Autentiska is at the forefront of a revolution in housing construction. We are a construction company specializing in the creation of ecological and passive houses, based on the principles of sustainability, quality and authenticity. By combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative building methods and natural materials, we don’t just create houses – we create homes.


As a start-up company without a digital presence. to communicate its brand and services to potential customers. The client needed a brand new website visual identity with a logo to establish a strong digital presence from the start and offer an optimal user experience that reflects their brand.


To meet Autentiska’s needs, we designed a timeless logo that effectively communicates their brand. We chose the colors green, terracotta and red to reflect their commitment to nature and their professional, personal touch. The green color symbolizes sustainability and environmental awareness, while terracotta and red give a feeling of warmth and authenticity.

We also created a website that is both simple and professional, designed to instill confidence in visitors. The page is structured so that customers can easily read about Autentiska’s services and make informed decisions. With clear navigation and well-written texts describing the company’s offerings, the website is designed to provide an optimal user experience and reflect Autentiska’s brand in the best possible way.


After the launch of the new website and logo, Autentiska has experienced a significant increase in its digital presence. Visitors to the website can easily navigate and find information about the company’s services, which has resulted in an increase in customer inquiries and a higher conversion rate. The new visual identity has been well received by both customers and industry colleagues, and has contributed to establishing Autentiska as a credible and professional player in ecological and sustainable construction.


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