Adamsbro, a company that sells horse-inspired and exclusive interior design details for an equestrian lifestyle. The products exude quality and luxury. Adamsbro offers an overall concept for the equestrian-inspired home where all products fit well with each other. Cushions, throws, lamps, wallpaper and decoration are some of the products the company sells.


The challenge for adamsbro is to be niche in a broad industry. Reach customers effectively through social media marketing. Find new ways to attract new customers and drive them to purchase.


Through campaigns that reach the customer with a luxurious sense of elegance and equestrian style. We market Adamsbro through various campaigns on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest. Drives customers to purchase through retargeting and email marketing.


Have seen a big change in the number of orders and the number of new customers. I also believe that the customers have gained a stronger relationship with Adamsbro as the advertisements and newsletters put a lot of emphasis on different messages and feelings.

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