The story of

How it all began

It all began is with a desire to help small businesses grow. Reach out to their target audience and drive them towards a sale or lead.


"Small" but effective

Meet the team

Två unga killar med höga ambitioner att göra allt för att kunderna ska bli nöjda med sitt varumärke. Vi vill göra designers, utvecklare och marknadsförare tillgängliga för alla företag, små som stora.

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Linus Ekenberg

Web designer and online marketer

I’m a cheerful 22-year-old who likes to face challenges. With my focus and curiosity, I find it easy to find solutions to difficulties. The joy of discovery drives me forward. and I thrive when there is movement and a lot going on. Currently studying to be an Online Marketer at the Media Institute in Gothenburg.


Max Svensson

UI/UX Designer and web designer

I am 21 years of age and have been doing graphic and web design for the past 10 years. My role at Ranknest is a few different things, starting with web design as well as graphic design and photography. I handle the base of each project by making a well-functioning and engaging user experience. 

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Our knowledge

We’re a team of well-educated, dedicated and passionate designers who have a healthy temperament in dealing with clients and companies. We have rich experience with our skill set in logo design and branding, corporate identity, UI/UX design, Web site design and development, packaging. In addition, we offer a wide range of digital media services such as social media marketing services (such as Facebook Marketing ), search engine optimization (SEO), campaign management, email marketing and so on.

We make ideas happen!

Our misson

We empower businesses and organisations of all sizes to be competitive and attractive through the development of effective marketing strategies, creative design solutions and the effective use of new technologies.


The latest case studies

Every business needs to stay up-to-date and on top of the latest trends. Your business should be no different. Use our knowledge blog to learn about the latest trends and news in your industry, or share our articles with your clients and colleagues.

The goal is


To satisfy no matter what

Trust, to us, is all about one thing: you. We want you to feel good about the things we do, and know that when it comes down to it, we can count on each other. So whether you’re a valued customer or new to our website, get ready for not just great prices but also a great experience.

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