Anette Ekenberg

About Anette Ekenberg

Anette Ekenberg is an acrylic and watercolor artist born in 1972 in Sweden, Ängelholm. She has exhibitions around Sweden and Denmark. She works mainly as a preschool director but has been passionate about art throughout her life.

  • Before

    Anette had a very old website that lacked important hygiene factors such as https: //, titles and mobile friendliness. The website was in very poor condition and the website was built on a CMS that barely worked.

  • What we did

    We design a new website in WordPress with "Elementor pro" with gallery pages and exhibition page. We also made the website with an English and Swedish version so that all her customers can understand and read the content on the page. We also created a blog layout for her to start blogging and ranking on keywords on Google. New fresh visual identity with logo design and business card design among other things.

  • After

    After we redesigned the site, she has started ranking and getting organic traffic from google and the customers have praised the site and we think this has played a big role in her sales. Because a good website is the foundation of a brand's communication. From 71 clicks to 225 it is an outstanding increase of +216,90% period of 2022-01-29 to 2022-02-25 compared to 2021-01-29 to 2021-02-25 and exposure of 2140 to 6080 an increase of 184%.