About the company

Ranknest is a full service agency that provides graphic design, web design, seo and online marketing services. The company was founded in 2020 and has been serving the small business community since. We are a listening and caring partner, one who shares your vision and mission, committed to ensuring that you have a strong platform, where you effectively interact with your customers.

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Who are we

Two young guys with high ambitions to do everything to make customers happy with their new brand. We want to make designers, developers and marketers available for all company small or big or poor or rich. 

Linus Ekenberg

Linus Ekenberg

Web designer and marketer

I’m a cheerful 22-year-old who likes to face challenges. With my focus and curiosity, I find it easy to find solutions to difficulties. The joy of discovery drives me forward. and I thrive when there is movement and a lot going on. Currently studying to be an Online Marketer at the Media Institute in Gothenburg.

(+46)706 267 032 – linus.ekenberg@ranknest.com

Max Svensson

Max Svensson

UI/UX Designer

I am 21 years of age and have been doing graphic and web design for the past 10 years. My role at Ranknest is a few different things, starting with web design as well as graphic design and photography. I handle the base of each project by making a well-functioning and engaging user experience. 

(+46)734 389 932 – max.svensson@ranknest.com

Ranknest expertise

Our expertise

We have many years of expertise in graphics designing and website development. Marketing and SEO are new services we are working on getting providing to customers and in the future we are planning on giving a wider selection of expertise. 

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We are a team of experienced professionals comprised of web designers, SEO experts, digital marketing experts and social media gurus. Our experience and knowledge spans different areas that a small business needs to build a strong and successful marketing campaign. We believe in giving our customers a service that will make a tangible and significant difference in their business while maintaining the cost at a low minimum.


We believe in providing straightforward and honest solutions for clients that respect their budgets and are always up to the challenge of finding creative ways to help a client to build an online presence from the ground up. Our clients are too busy running their own businesses to have the time to devote to creating a sustainable online presence that accentuates their brand and helps drive new clients through their doors. We let them do what they do best while we help build their brand online.


With our website design services, you will get a product that will effectively work towards delivering value to your business. We will work together to build a site that meets your needs and at the same time gives the visitors the experience that they need. We are a partner in this, building you platforms that will deliver the desired results and at the same time ensuring that this is done efficiently and effectively. We believe in providing solutions that help our clients succeed, meet the challenges in their business effectively, use their resources to give the customers what they need and at the end the customer gets satisfaction.


Our search engine optimization and marketing services are meant to make your presence and reach far and wide. It will not be enough for us to give you a strong and user friendly website. We are here to ensure that it performs well in the search engines results, we will make sure that it is among the first to appear in the searches. We will use effective tools to ensure that this happens; use our skills and knowledge as well as experience to give your business an edge over the competition.